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Daddy's Hankie- Memories

We finally got everything squared away with my husbands Father's estate. While cleaning out the last bit of stuff, we come across handkerchiefs. Lots of them. Some were old and stained and some were still in the box. My husband would toss them in the trash as I kept retrieving the good ones. Some were fancy and monogrammed with a D.

He looked at me funny with a little smirk. "Nobody uses hankies anymore, just throw them away". I replied, "But they are still good and some still boxed! Everybody needs a hankie!"
"Ok" he said, "just do what you want with them".
My plan is to use them to practice making crochet lace trim.

Then the memories came as I put away the boxed ones and gently washed and folded the old ones. My daddy always had a hankie in his pocket. He also had four snotty nose kids with him all the time.

Daddy wiped many tears and runny noses with his hankie. He would fold the dirty part to the inside and slid it back into his pocket. The next kid up, he would always say, "Here is a clean part to use" and we would.

Daddy's hankies were there to wipe up our spills, clean sticky fingers or polish our shoes. I’ve seen him use them to wipe a foggy windshield or wrap around a kitten. They may have even been used to take a fish off our hook a time or two.

So I'm keeping the handkerchiefs we found. Even though these are not my daddy's hankies, I know the benefits of these little rags and who knows, maybe I'll keep one in my purse. You never know when one will come in handy.