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Jellyfish and Goose Berries

I am currently sitting in my camper on the beach waiting for the wind to die down so we can go for a little walk. The wind has been terrible today. We tried to sit out on the beach but after a few hours, we could not take it anymore. The wind was blowing so hard that we were getting sand blasted. 

We enjoy our walks. We see things, meet people and make friends. Last night we walked a mile down a side road just to get a good ice cream cone from a little ice cream shop. It was exactly one mile from the campground. 

While we have been here, we have taken several walks down the beach. I love to explore sea life and gaze at the beauty of the ocean as the sun sets. 
Speaking of sea life, we have came across a few different kinds of Jellyfish. The most common is the Cannon Ball Jellyfish which is harmless. If you walk the beaches you have seen these. 

After seeing some articles telling everyone to “beware of Man O Wars”, They have been washing up on the shore this week and have a venomous sting. They will even sting you on the sand if you get close enough. 
So. Far I have seen five. They have beautiful colors but ugly the same. 

Another Jellyfish we came across is the Blue Button Jellyfish. These will not sting but can cause skin irritation if handled too long. 
I did not attempt to find out. I thought it was pretty in a weird way too. 

I seen a lot of little blobs of clear Jelly. They are called Sea Gooseberries. These are harmless and you can pick them up. I didn’t take my chances. I found this out after I came in and did a google search. 

We are half way through our vacation. So far things are ok around here while back home seems to be in chaos with riots. I hope where you are, you are staying safe from covid and other crazy things going on in the world. 

Meanwhile, I think I’m becoming a Marine Biologist. Haha