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Mask Talk

I’m still not convinced that mask actually work to protect us from Covid. They may help against the spread of a sneeze or cough but thats it. Mask help protect you from germs not viruses. 

My full time day job does not require anyone to wear a mask, but my part time weekend job does. If I want to make money, I must comply. So if im going to have to wear a mask for 5 plus hours, I want them to be at least comfortable. 

I have several different styles of mask but my favorite is the disposable type. I like that they are light weight, and the straps are thin without a strong elastic pull on my ears. 

My daughter brought me a couple pretty floral disposable masks. They were so dog gone cute that I hated to just wear them one time. This made me decide to do a little experiment and try hand washing them. It worked! 
Using an antibacterial soap, I placed the mask between my two hands and gently rubbed until it it was sudsy, then rinsed it well, squeezed out the excess water and hung it to dry. To my surprise it washed up great and the inside was clean and white again. The mask did not tear up or lose its shape. 

This is a photo after being washed. It was soiled with makup.

Now I can wear my mask more than once but I do not recommend washing it more than twice. I mean, they are made to be disposable. 

I really hope they end this mask mandate, but I do not see that happening anytime soon. Meanwhile, here are a few little mask hacks to help them be easier to wear whether its a washable cloth mask or a disposable mask.

  • If you have a cold or sinus problems, rub a little menthol around top where it fits over your nose. 
  • Does your mask have a filter? Try adding a drop or two of essential oils for some health and healing benefits. 
  • Rubbing the mask between your hands, gently rub in your favorite facial, skin or fragrant lotion to help keep your face from feeling dry. 
  • If you have a roll on for your oils, you can rub a little around the edges. I love my stress relief roller. 
  • If your mask is too big, cross the straps once before putting them behind your ears. 
  • You can add buttons to your headband, beanie or ball cap to use instead of around your ears.

Without getting political (if thats possible), I would like to know how you feel about masks.

Disposable mask from: Shein
Young Living Oils from: TrulyOils (on Instagram).
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Crochet Mask

My Sister has been asking me to crochet her a mask. She works in a department store that requires her to wear a mask at all times. She probably has a dozen or more of the homemade cloth mask. I think she collects them as she has one to match every thing she wears. 
Not me, I have three that I rotate when I have to wear one.

A crochet mask? Well, you can’t be a crocheter and not try your hand with the latest trends. Now we all know these crochet mask will not hold to protective standards but she plans to wear them over a paper mask. So basically you can call these “mask covers”  

I looked around at different mask patterns until I found a couple I wanted to try. I took a break from crocheting a blanket that I’ve been working on for a few days now. I think it will take me weeks or months to complete. 

I found some yarn remnants that worked perfect to make this cotton granny square mask. While it looks a little large, It will shrink significantly when it is washed. 

Then I found a pattern to create this cute little basic mask. 

I am pleased at how these turned out and were fun and easy to make. They should arrive in my sisters mailbox by surprise sometime today. 
She has no idea I made them. 

Now I will get back to working on the blanket I’m making and hope to be able to share it with you soon.
Well, not actually “share the blanket“, but share the completed results. Haha.  

Mask Patterns can be found at :

Granny Square Mask (free)
Basic mask (almost free)


There seems to be a lot of controversy about wearing mask. Some people are so afraid of catching covid, they will wear them in their own homes. Some people will half way wear them and then some refuse to wear them at all. I see people arguing with others about their choice all day long and it is ridiculous. 

If you want my opinion, I do not believe the mask work in preventing the spread of this virus. They could eliminate some germs from others but I still believe social distancing and washing your hands and surfaces are the best remedy. I feel like the mask mandate is a way the government is trying to control us. But thats just me. 

I actually have my mask with me everywhere I go. If I have to wear it to get in the door, so be it. I will put it on not to cause any controversy. Usually once I am in the store I will drop the mask off one ear and carry on with my shopping. It’s my right. However, if I am in an area of the store where several people are around me, I will simply put my mask back on out of respect. I do respect others concerns for their own health. If I unfortunately catch the virus, I will stay at home and hope and pray I get though it. 

Why has no one wanted to wear a mask during flu season? Again, during flu season I take extra precautions on touching my face and keeping my hands washed. But still, why not a mask? 

No matter what someone chooses to do, why is it anyone else business? Why do you feel its your place to scold those for not wearing a mask or to make fun of those that choose to wear a mask? I see this happening every day on social media. If you are afraid to be around someone not wearing a mask, simply avoid them. If someone chooses to wear a mask, respect their decision. 

Speaking of mask, check out this hand made card I created for my Etsy shop the other day. Cute huh?