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  • My Fitbit alarm gently vibrated on my wrist to effortlessly wake me up. 
  • It was 7:00 am. 
  • I sat up in bed, grumpily punched my pillow and walked out of the room then gently shut the door not to wake up my husband and started my daily routine. 
  • As I walked into the bathroom my shoulder hit the side of the door and I kicked a towel in the floor from last nights shower. 
  • Looking in the mirror I did not like the face looking back at me. 
  • "gross!" I said as I turned off the light and walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast. 
  • I forgot to add coffee grounds to the coffee maker so I remade a pot. 
  • I ripped the bag of bread because I found the simple bread tie annoying to get off. 
  • "Stupid bread bags" I mumbled. 
  • I made an egg while my toast was browning in the toaster then sat down to eat. 
  • I looked through my emails, checked my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then headed over to my blog to read everyone's post.
  • The husband is now up and sits down to eat a bowl of oatmeal and throws me a kiss across the table.
  • I was not in the mood so I did a fast pucker back with a sideways smile. 
  • He knew to leave me alone. 
  • After about 10 minutes, time seemed to sneak up on me so slammed my iPad shut. 
  • Because I guess somehow it was the iPads fault that I didn't have time to finish.
  • I had to get ready for work but I could not find anything to wear. 
  • "Ugly is all I see" I shouted. "I do not look good in any of this stuff' anymore".
  • I headed to the vanity. 
  • "Uuuughhh, I'm so ugly!" I said to myself. 
  • Then my eyes filled with tears.
  • The husband walked in and tried to make me feel better. 
  • But I knew this was just something husbands do. It didn't help matters.
  • "I can't get my hair to look right, my face is saggy and wrinkles are everywhere!"
  • "I look old and worn".
  • "I have bad teeth"
  • "I'm useless and will never amount to anything" 
  • "I hate my job"
  • "and I'm always broke".
  • Nick just listened until I was finished. Then he again tried to make me feel better.
  • It was 8:30am
  • I grabbed my work bag and headed to work hoping I do not get into any road rage.
  • I was on the brink.

Why all this?
I was in a FUNK!
This will happen to me a couple times a year and it feels awful.

Do you ever just wake up thinking the whole world is against you?
You feel like whatever you do, someone else has just done it better?
You feel like everyone in the world is having fun and enjoying life except you?
You feel ugly and useless.
Everything seems irritate you.
It's like a depression cloud that will float over you and you wait for it to pass.
And usually by the end of the day, it will.

How do you fix this? 
I'm not sure about you but I have to find an outlet.
Pray first.
I have to stay off social media a while. The news will keep me depressed.
I have to keep thinking positive.
I have to keep telling myself  "this not who I am and it will pass".
Exercise works too.
Having a friend you can talk too and vent too is a big plus. I do not have a friend like this but I have my husband and he is my best friend. We talk, we walk, and we grumble about life together and by the end of the day I'm in a better mood.

Do you ever get in Funk?