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Fried Chicken

When I hear the words “fried chicken”, my mind goes back to Grandma. I remember family dinners at grandmas house every Sunday. The main meat was fried chicken. It was real chicken too. I’m talking about the kind of chicken where she would actually ring their necks, drain their blood and pluck their feathers. Then she would skin them and fry them up crispy and place them beside a bowl of mashed potatoes. The smell of fried chicken was set in the walls of grandmas house. 

Later in the years, she would buy chicken to fry. Until the day she passed away, you could visit her house any time and she would have cold fried chicken sitting in paper towels on the stove next to a pan of cornbread. I never knew how much I would miss the little things like this until she was gone. 
My mom and Uncles carry on the tradition by bringing fried chicken to our annual family dinners. 

Now days, I do not eat a lot of fried foods, but since I have an air fryer, I can make foods look and taste fried without actually frying them. I love it. 
The other day I found some chicken legs on sale and decided to make air fried chicken for supper. 

I love how it turned out and tasted almost as good and grandmas. Almost. 
I skinned and washed each leg then rolled them in seasoned bread crumbs and place in the air fryer at 390 degrees for 23 minutes. 
I think if grandma was still here today, she would love how the air fryer cooked up delicious chicken this quick and I didn’t even have to turn em.