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New Work Out

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of being kept in the house. Of course we can actually go places now but we tried that this past weekend. It was no fun. I have some birthday money and a couple gift cards I wanted to spend. Some places required a mask to enter so we stayed away from those. I only wear my mask in places that I need to go, not places I want to look around for leisure. I could not buy any clothes because the dressing rooms are closed. I have to try on things before I purchase them and I hate having to return stuff. But it is what it is. Needless to say, I came home with a new yoga mat.

Why A yoga mat? Well, I have decided to start a fitness program called Body Boss Fitness. I have lost 50 lbs on the Nutrisystem diet and kept the weight off for 4 years until the past few months of not working. I have managed to gain 15 lbs and been trying to get it back off. I still do Nutrisystem but not faithfully, due to job loss, I do not have the motivation or extra money to put into in right now. So since I’ve lost the weight with diet, I am now ready to lose more weight with exercise. 
You can read my journey with Nutrisystem HERE. It really does work!

Body Boss Fitness is a 12 week program of three 25 minute intense workouts a week. 
It will take me 16 weeks because I will start by doing the 4 week “pre-training’ workouts first.
I hate making my body hurt but they say, “what doesn’t hurt, doesn’t help”.

I also needed a workout step. I was going to use the step in our sunken living room but my husband remembered seeing a workout step in the attic when we moved in this house 17 years ago. I asked him if he would go up there and see, so up to the back corner of the attic he went. He came back down and sure enough, there it was. It also included some extra 2 inch stacks. There were some cracks and it looked like something Jane Fonda would have used back in the 70’s but it will work for my routines. 

I have completed my first week of pre-training and boy am I sore. During the first week I have learned a few things.

1. My mind has not caught up with my body.
2. I can’t get up and down like I used too.
3. And who the heck invented “burpees? Satan?”

I am really devoted to complete this program and hope to lose a few pounds while also toning my abs, legs and butt. Wish me luck because, it does have a warning for anyone over 50 not to do the workouts. 

Pffhh, I’ll show them!!!