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Old Glory

Happy Independence day! Hope everyone has a safe and fun day. I actually get to have this day off and I am so grateful.

As I look out over the neighborhood, I see neighbors showing patriotism by hanging flags on their porches and red white and blue decorations adorn their yards. Except for the Colombian family across the street.

I have also been wanting a bracket put on my house to hang my American Flag. My dear sweet husband promised to have me one hung before the 4th of July, so last week we made a trip to Lowes and grabbed the last flag bracket on the shelf then headed home to hang it. First he was skeptical about hanging it on the brick and wanted to hang it from the wood siding on the front porch instead. The problem was that this caused the flag to be set back too far and could not be viewed from the road. So he went with plan B and drilled into the brick beside the carport. It was the perfect spot to hang "Old Glory".

As we were finishing up the Colombian family across street shouted to get our attention and gave us a thumbs up. Today they have tiny American flags lined down their walkway. This made me smile. I’m glad they joined in on the celebration. 

I am not sure what we will be doing to celebrate today. It is just me and my husband. Our daughter and her boyfriend flew to Washington DC to celebrate the 4th there. I hope they have a good time and maybe even get to see the President. Our town is having an all day street party going on with vendors and food trucks. Later in the afternoon, they will do a spectacular firework show. I am not sure we will attend either event as we are not big fans of large crowds. We may just stay home and cookout while enjoying some of the fireworks from around the neighborhood.

FUN FACT: "Old Glory is a nickname for the flag of the United States. The original "Old Glory" was a flag owned by the 19th-century American sea captain William Driver, who flew the flag during his career at sea and later brought it to Nashville, Tennessee, where he settled". Wikipedia