Lets Get Organized

I'm beginning to do some spring cleaning. That also means cleaning out closets and drawers. Everyone has a "junk drawer". Well, I have like three! They are full of handy tools, receipts and chip clips. You know, Junk drawer stuff.

If your like me, you have a lot of those irregular packaged things such as warranties, receipts and owner manuals.

Well, I had them all over my house, cluttering my drawers, closets and cabinets. Here is what I did to fix it.

First I bought some items I needed.
(binders and sheet sleeve thingys)

Then went around the house and gathered up a mess of clutter.
(I'm sure I will keep finding more).

 Goodness gracious!
I had too many for one binder so I made two.
I did one for outdoor items such as mowers, tools, and cars.
I did the other for indoor items such as appliances, furniture, and electronics.

I also made one to hold all those menus I had scattered everywhere.

 Not to bad huh?

This has been such a great idea. Very handy and keeps my clutter organized. If I need to find the info on an appliance or yard tool, I know right were to go.

Now....about that shoe closet!


  1. I hate all kinds of paper now. I prefer everything to be digital

    1. Yes I go paperless on everything now too but I still need a place to put all those receipts, warranties and manuals from appliances.

  2. appreciate the motivation, thank you for this

  3. You're way more organized than me when it comes to paperwork - I absolutely detest it! Good job!!

  4. YOu are a good motivator. I have warranties on stuff I no longer have. I must go through that file and make sense of it. At least they are in a file. LOL I probably have my compressor warrantee from Sears.Roebuck 1957. I honestly still have the compressor hose and use it. but the compressor long gone. Now once we get settled in Advance NC Imma do that. While I am awaiting the operation in Durham.

  5. We are moving slowly through our house on that mission as well. It seems our house is breathing easier.

  6. before starting my job i used to reset and reorganize everything after very short break just to be busy and to make my home well managed but after job i do it when it is necessary i mean it take almost few months to do so


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