My Mother

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there!

Let me tell you a little about my Mother.

She is the best mom I could have ever asked for. There were times in my life that I didn't let her know this enough. Growing up as a teenager, to hear her tell it, I was a struggle. Now, days it makes me sick to think of how rebellious I was at times. There are may occasions I wish I would have listened to her more. Being a mother now myself, I know how she must have worried and stressed all the time.

In a Christian home, she raised four children of her own and was a foster Mother of several others. That was fun. She was so strong and I'm sure we kept her busy. She was our hair dresser, our tailor and chef. Shes best known by others for her Chicken and Dumplings. Momma did it all. She was tough, kept us straight, gave us plenty of spankings and put the meaning of grounded in the dictionary.

We didn't have cell phones back then. Didn't need one. When she called for us to come home, It was from the screen door. And we heard her from across the neighborhood. If we didn't, someone did and would send for us. Our collie dog stayed with us and would also let us know when mom was calling.

But momma was loving. She gave the best hugs and was the best at fixing boo boos and showing us how to do things on our own. She always gave the best advice and the most simplest advice she gives is when she says "just pray about it". She always made sure we had nice clothes to wear to church and school. She is a wonderful seamstress and made most of our clothes. It was always exciting to go to the cloth store with her. She would let us pick our own pattern and a fabric.

Now I find myself just like her in a lot of ways. I even think I look like her and that makes me happy. I still call on her when I need an answer to something or little does she know, I sometimes just need to hear her voice. There are times like when I change the bed sheets, I remember how she used to tell me to do top corner to bottom corner. When I fold towels, I do it just the same as she taught me. Even the little things like, putting a paper towel on top of the lettuce when saving it, how to tie a sash or how to tie a knot at the end of my thread by rolling it between my fingers. Something every day makes me think about her. Often I wonder if she misses me when I'm not around like I miss my daughter when shes not around. I bet she does. ha!

My daughter is home this weekend. We will head to church here in a little bit and later all of us will be taking Mom out to eat and lavish her with gifts at our Favorite BBQ Restaurant called "Jim n Nicks". I plan to celebrate many more Mothers Days with her.

I love her and feel so blessed.


  1. Beautiful - Beautiful. What a lovely sentiment on this special day for your mother. Your detailed memories are so precious and you are blessed to have a loving family. I am sure you will be enjoying a wonderful day with those you love. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother.

  2. You obviously loved your mom--& she loved you!!

  3. Wow! what a tribute. Now I see the warmth of that smile

  4. How wonderful that you have such a special mom. What a blessing that is. : )
    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  5. What a sweet tribute to a wonderful lady. I know everyone cannot say the things you have, and that is a shame. I too was very fortunate to have a great mom also.
    I am glad you can mirror her. I know she is 'still' one proud lady.
    YOur daughter could probably copy this tribute and use it. SWEET!
    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you!

  6. I have a great mother, though she did not. Their relationship is there but I heard of a lot of horror stories about her childhood. The nice clothes thing reminded me of when she told me she asked a neighbor if she could do chores to earn money so she could buy the jeans she wanted. Ol' Grandma beat her senseless for it.

    It's not much of a wonder she married so young so she could leave that home. She was a decent grandma, though we were all boys. She treated my uncle fairly well from what I heard. My mother-in-law did the same for my wife. Her brother was always treated like the golden child.

  7. Hope you had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day. Memories of moms are part of this celebration of their life. Yours sounds special indeed.